AFOX GT 730 GDDR5 4GB 128Bit Graphics Card




*Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce GT730
*Bus Standard PCI Express 2.0
*Video Memory DDR5 4096MB/2048MB
*Base Clock 902 MHz
*Memory Clock 5000 MHz
*Memory Interface 128-Bit
*D-Sub Max Resolution 2048 x1536
*DVI Max Resolution 2560 x 1600
*D-Sub Output Yes x 1
*DVI Output Yes x 1
*HDMI Output Yes x 1
*HDCP Support Yes
*Related PN AF730-4096D5H5

GT 730 provide the high performance and elite experience on HD and ultra-resolution 2K displays. The GT 730 makes it different in making your entire PC experience much faster on web browsing, photo and video editing and gaming.

With NVIDIA GeForce Experience, GT 730 can achieve smooth effects in most games without sacrificing too many visual effects. As long as you make good use of the optimized settings provided by NVIDIA, it is not a dream to run high-end games with middle-end graphics cards.

Compared with the previous integrated graphics card, GT 730 improves the game performance by three times, and the game display is smoother and clearer with good stability. If you want to immerse in good game world in a cheap price, an GT 730 is enough.


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