Samsung WA70BG4441BY Top Load with PP Dual Wing Pulsator




Samsung understands the importance of energy conservation. The WA70BG4441BY comes with an impressive 5-star Energy Rating, ensuring that you get outstanding performance and contribute to a greener environment.


Innovative Features for Optimal Cleaning:

– Eco Bubble Technology: Say goodbye to stubborn stains. The Eco Bubble Technology ensures that your detergent is turned into bubbles, allowing it to penetrate fabrics quickly and efficiently.

– Bubble Storm and Dual Storm: Enjoy thorough cleaning with the power of bubbles. The Bubble Storm and Dual Storm features create a dynamic washing action, reaching every corner of your laundry for a deep and effective clean.

– Auto Restart and Child Lock: Experience convenience and safety. The Auto Restart feature ensures that your wash cycle resumes after a power interruption, and the Child Lock keeps little hands from tampering with your settings.

– Diamond Drum and Magic Filter: Protect your clothes and the washing machine. The Diamond Drum design is gentle on fabrics, while the Magic Filter traps lint and debris, ensuring your clothes stay clean and the machine stays clog-free.

– PP Dual Wing Pulsator: Experience a new level of washing efficiency. The PP Dual Wing Pulsator creates a powerful water vortex for thorough cleaning without tangling or damaging your clothes.

– Soft Close Lid and Tempered Glass Window: Enjoy smooth and quiet operation with the Soft Close Lid, and keep an eye on your laundry through the durable Tempered Glass Window.

– 5 Water Levels: Customize your wash to the load size with the flexibility of choosing from 5 water levels.


Versatile Washing Cycles for Every Need:

– Bedding, Delicates, Jeans, Normal: Tailored cycles for specific fabric types to ensure optimal cleaning and care.

– Eco Tub Clean and Energy Saving: Maintain your washing machine with the Eco Tub Clean cycle, and save energy with the Energy Saving mode.

– Quick Wash and Rinse + Spin: When time is of the essence, the Quick Wash cycle refreshes your clothes, and the Rinse + Spin cycle ensures efficient water removal.


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