Samsung WW81J54E0BX Front Loading Washing Machine




Elegance Meets Durability:

The Inox body of this washing machine not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures long-lasting durability. The LED Panel Display provides an intuitive interface for effortless control.


Powerful Performance with Energy Efficiency:

Operating at 230V/50Hz with power consumption ranging from 2000 to 2400 watts, this washing machine delivers powerful performance while being energy-efficient. It’s designed to meet the demands of modern living without compromising on efficiency.


Eco Bubble Technology for Exceptional Cleaning:

The innovative Eco Bubble Technology generates a rich foam that penetrates fabrics more effectively, delivering a thorough and gentle clean, even at lower temperatures. The Bubble Soak feature helps remove stubborn stains with ease.


Advanced Features for Added Convenience:

This washing machine is packed with features designed to make your life easier. The Fault Check Indicator keeps you informed about the machine’s status, while the Eco Drum Clean function maintains a clean and odor-free drum. Voltage Control (165V to 400V) ensures stable performance, even in areas with fluctuating power supply.


Versatile Wash Cycles to Suit Your Needs:

With a wide range of wash cycles, this washing machine adapts to your laundry requirements. From delicate fabrics to heavily soiled items, there’s a cycle for every load. The 15′ Quick Wash is perfect for busy days, while the Hygiene Steam cycle ensures a deep and hygienic clean.


User-Friendly and Safe:

The Child Lock feature secures the control panel to prevent unwanted adjustments. Delay End allows you to schedule your wash from 3 to 19 hours in advance, so your laundry fits your busy schedule. The high-speed 1400 RPM motor ensures efficient spinning for reduced drying times.


Accessories for Your Convenience:Accessories for Your Convenience:

The washing machine comes with a range of accessories, including a Bolt Spanner, Assy Water Hose, Aqua Stop Water Hose, User Manual, Hose Hanger, Liquid Guide, and Cap Fixers, to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free installation.


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