Rapoo V600S 2.4G Wireless Vibration Game Controller Joystick




Model Rapoo V600S
3-Level Lift Wireless Vibration Game Controller
Connection Type 2.4G wireless game pad
Touch Double-hand touch
Ergonomic 5S ergonomics
Mode X or D or A triple-core three-mode
Button Exclusive shortcut button
Vibration Analog double vibration feedback
Chip Double MCU smart chip
Quality E-sports Performance quality
Range 10 m
Battery 550mAh has a built-in polymer battery
Full Charge lasts for 20-50 hours on a full charge
Energy Saving Mode No operation after 5 minutes automatically into sleep energy saving mode
energy saving only worry.
Function four function keys adopt wrapping key distance of only 1.2mm
which can trigger and respond quickly.


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