Full-HD Smart TV Mi TV 4A 100cm (40 inch)




8GB Storage

Multiple ports

remote control

The ergonomic all-new Mi Remote is your gateway to a world of
entertainment with direct access to your favourite content providers
and the Google Assistant button for seamless voice control.

table-top and
wall mounting

Mi TV 4A 100cm (40)

Elevate your living room entertainment with the Mi TV 4A 40.
The Full-HD display of the Mi TV 4A 40 comes with dazzling color quality and crisp detail to make each visual truly stand out. The 20W speakers are equipped with DTS-HD® technology that makes an impact with rich clear sound delivery.


– The Full-HD display delivers stunning visuals no matter what you are viewing
– DTS-HD® technology-enabled 20W speakers create an audio experience that matches the crisp images
– What makes this TV truly smart is the addition of Android TV™ + Google Assistant that allows you to play content, find answers and more
– Data Saver mode allows you to stream up to 3 times more video content, see the media from your phone on your TV and stream content with ease

Living room entertainment gets exciting with Mi TV 4A 40!

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