Fantech WH01 Space Edition Wired Plus Wireless Gaming Headphone – White


  • WH01 Space Edition
  • Omni-directional, Speaker Driver: 40mm
  • Low Latency, 60 Hours Playback
  • Dual Mode Connection
  • Swivel Foldable Structure
  • Description
  • Fantech WH01 Space Edition Stereo Bluetooth Gaming Headphone
  • Fantech WH01 is Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headphone that
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High-quality stereo

The Fantech WH01 Wireless Headphone delivers crystal-clear sounds. The WH01 provides crisp audio for a pleasant listening experience. So, this device is ideal for listening to music, viewing movies, or having phone calls.


The Fantech WH01 Wireless headphone is small in size but powerful and adaptable. As a result, it has undergone extensive testing to guarantee that it can withstand hearing demands.

Comfortable Design

The Fantech WH01 is designed to be comfy, featuring soft earmuffs and a protein leather-like feel. It is comfortable to wear and well-balanced, and it can be worn for long periods of time without causing discomfort. When you wear this flexible fine-tuning retractable design, you won’t have to worry about chucks, and listening to music will be more enjoyable.

Sound Quality

At a high frequency, the sound of a human voice with a clean mouth and teeth is clear, loud, and clean. The Fantech WH01 debugging out of the three-frequency consistent sound quality is the second detail. The built-in microphone is ideal for VoIP and gaming. As a result, the recipient can plainly hear what you’re saying.

Exceptional Audio

The Fantech wireless headphone WH01 has a 40mm diaphragm dynamic speaker driver unit and large dynamic unit construction. It boasts a great pitch and a powerful low frequency, which allows you to experience each song’s beat. Wide frequency response, 360-degree spectacular bass, amazing resolution, rich details, and the capacity to reproduce clear sound all contribute to the gaming experience of listening to the situation and seizing the opportunity for you.

Wireless Connection

In the Fantech Headphone, the core upgrades wireless Bluetooth 5.0 transmission. The transmission is faster and the connection distance is 10 meters. This uses less energy. The connection is more secure, and the appearance is sleek and straightforward.


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