Deepcool Dq1000m-v3l Power Supply





The DeepCool DQ1000M-V3L is a fully modular power supply that adopts a new pure black shell, is 80 PLUS gold certified, utilizes a mainstream active PFC + full-bridge LLC resonance + DC/DC architecture, and uses all Japanese capacitors. The power output is stable and efficient, making it an excellent choice for AAA games.

Go For Gold

The DQ1000M-V3L power supply is 80 Plus Gold certified, will generate clean and consistent power, while reducing heat and noise. The DQ1000M-V3L is energy-efficient, and provides efficiency greater than 92% at 50% load.

Designed And Built Solid

The internal design is compact, with full Japanese capacitors and materials. The main capacitor is selected from 105℃ bulk capacitor, making it resistant to high temperatures. Solid state capacitors are used for the auxiliary capacitors producing low noise and long life.


By implementing a new manufacturing process with the adoption of SiC diodes, it produces lower heat loss, while achieving higher efficiency. The seperative heatsink for the LLC mosfet and a large, full copper heatsink for the SR mosfet creates superior heat dissipation.


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