Ugreen 20918 1M 250Mhz 1×2 full HD VGA Splitter 20918


1. Length: 1M
2. Color: Black
3. Support 20M transmission distance
4. 16 x 10 x 2
5. 130 g


1. Screen Duplication】 Mirror Mode only, Not support Extend Mode. It can only transfer signal from one source device (Laptop/Computer) to two displays/monitors/HDTVs with mirror mode. 【Note】 : No power cord included in the box, and you could use any standard Micro USB cable for extra power supply.
2. How it Works: This VGA splitter enables you to connect a VGA input device(laptop, PC, set-top box, blue-ray, etc.) to two VGA output display screen devices. And it only can deliver the same image. (TVs, displays, projectors, etc.) , supports 82ft long-distance transmission. (Note: VGA do not support audio)
3. Supports resolution up to 1920×1440 @60Hz, compatible with lower resolution, such as 1080P, 1600×1200, 1680×1050, 1066×900, etc. Supports VGA, SVGA, XVGA, UXGA. Bandwidth up to 250Mhz.
4. Intelligently Identify Resolution: VGA OUT 1 supports DDC, your computer will identify resolution of monitor and adjust to a suitable value which provides you an excellent visual experience. Note: VGA OUT 2 does not have this function.
5. Durable Construcion: thick nickel-plated connector withstands frenquently plugging and unplugging and anti-corrosion; ABS case has a great heat resistance during working status.
1. Bandwidth: Up to 250Mhz
2. Transmission Distance: 25M
3. Resolution: Up To 1920×1440 @ 60Hz
4. 16 x 10 x 2 cm
5. 130 g


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