Transcend SATA MTS 830 M.2 512GB SSD




Transcend SATA MTS 830 M.2 512GB SSD is a compact yet powerful storage solution designed for modern computing devices. With its M.2 form factor, it seamlessly integrates into laptops, ultrabooks, and compact desktops, offering a storage capacity of 512GB. Utilizing the SATA III interface, it ensures fast and reliable data transfer speeds, enhancing system responsiveness and overall performance. Built with Transcend’s renowned reliability features such as Error Correction Code (ECC) and wear-leveling, this SSD offers durability and longevity. Whether for personal or business use, it delivers improved boot times, quicker application loading, and efficient data storage. Compatible with various operating systems and backed by Transcend’s warranty, the MTS 830 M.2 512GB SSD is a dependable choice for those seeking to upgrade their storage solution.

specifications for the Transcend SATA MTS 830 M.2 512GB SSD

  1. Form Factor: M.2 2280
  2. Interface: SATA III 6.0 Gb/s (backward compatible with SATA II and SATA I)
  3. Capacity: 512GB
  4. NAND Flash Type: TLC (Triple-Level Cell)
  5. Sequential Read Speed: Up to 560 MB/s
  6. Sequential Write Speed: Up to 460 MB/s
  7. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C
  8. Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  9. Shock Resistance: 1500G / 0.5ms
  10. Vibration Resistance: 10~2000Hz / 3.13G
  11. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): 1,500,000 hours
  12. Dimensions (L x W x H): 80mm x 22mm x 3.58mm
  13. Weight: 8g
  14. Certifications: CE, FCC, BSMI


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