Thermalright AX 90 SE ARGB CPU Air Cooler




Thermalright AX 90 SE ARGB CPU Air Cooler is a high-performance cooling solution designed to efficiently dissipate heat from your CPU while adding a touch of customizable lighting to your system. With its sleek design and advanced cooling technology, it offers both form and function for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike. The cooler features a large heatsink with multiple heat pipes that efficiently transfer heat away from the CPU, ensuring optimal thermal performance even under heavy loads or overclocking scenarios. Additionally, its ARGB (Addressable RGB) lighting system allows users to customize the look of their PC setup, adding vibrant colors and effects to complement their build aesthetics.

Equipped with a powerful yet quiet fan, it strikes an excellent balance between cooling performance and noise levels, ensuring a quiet computing experience even during intense gaming sessions or CPU-intensive tasks. The cooler’s design also facilitates easy installation, making it accessible to both novice and experienced PC builders. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current cooling solution or build a new system from scratch, the Thermalright AX 90 SE ARGB CPU Air Cooler offers reliable performance, sleek aesthetics, and customizable lighting options to enhance your PC setup.


Product Dimensions 3.7″L x 3.03″W x 4.65″H
Brand Thermalright
Power Connector Type 4-Pin
Voltage 12 Volts
Cooling Method Air
Compatible Devices Desktop
Noise Level 15 dB
Maximum Rotational Speed 1500 RPM
In conclusion, it stands out as a premium cooling solution for PC enthusiasts seeking top-notch thermal performance and aesthetic customization. Its efficient heat dissipation capabilities, quiet operation, and customizable ARGB lighting make it an attractive option for users looking to enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of their computer builds. With its user-friendly installation process this cooler offers a compelling combination of performance, style, and ease of use, making it a worthy investment.


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