Thermalright AS120 V2 Plus CPU Cooler




Thermalright AS120 V2 Plus CPU Cooler is a high-performance air cooler designed to meet the cooling demands of today’s powerful processors. With its impressive specifications and innovative features, it stands as an excellent choice for enthusiasts and gamers seeking efficient and quiet cooling solutions for their CPUs. One of the standout features of this CPU cooler is its type – it’s an air cooler. The TL-C12 V2 fan offers an airflow of 66.17 CFM, while the TL-C12R V2 fan provides 58 CFM, ensuring that your CPU remains cool even under heavy workloads.

What sets the Assassin Spirit 120 V2 Plus apart is its minimal noise level despite its robust cooling capabilities. The cooler also boasts excellent air pressure, with a maximum rating of 1.53mm H2O. This ensures efficient heat transfer from the CPU to the heatsink, enhancing overall cooling performance. This includes popular sockets like LGA 115X, AM4, and more, making it versatile for various systems and CPU types.

Product Details

Product Dimensions 4.72″L x 3.86″W x 6.06″H
Brand Thermalright
Power Connector Type 4-Pin
Voltage 12 Volts
Wattage 15 watts
Cooling Method Air
Compatible Devices Desktop
Noise Level 15 dB
Maximum Rotational Speed 2400 RPM

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In conclusion, the Thermalright AX 90 SE ARGB CPU Air Cooler emerges as a standout choice among cooling solutions, catering to the needs of PC enthusiasts and gamers alike. Its blend of high-performance cooling technology, customizable ARGB lighting, and user-friendly design make it a compelling option for those looking to optimize both the functionality and aesthetics of their computer builds.


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