Samsung RR20C2Z226U/R Single Door Refrigerator




Just the Right Size: With a gross capacity of 192 liters and a net capacity of 183 liters, this refrigerator is ideal for small to medium-sized families. It offers two toughened glass shelves that can support heavy pots and dishes. The 1-vegetable box keeps your greens fresh, and the 5-door pockets provide additional storage for your convenience.

Efficient Cooling: The Samsung RR20C2Z226U/RR20C2Z226R utilizes a Direct Cooling System that ensures efficient and consistent cooling. Say goodbye to manual defrosting; this refrigerator does the job for you. Your food remains fresh, and you’re free from the hassle of ice buildup.

Thoughtful Features for Convenience: The interior LED light illuminates every corner of the refrigerator, making it easy to find what you need, even in low light conditions. The Fresh Room ensures that your perishables stay at their best.

Safety and Durability: Samsung cares about your safety and the environment. This refrigerator comes with a door alarm, lock, and key, ensuring that your food is always secure. The Cyclopentane Insulation is eco-friendly and helps conserve energy.

Digital Inverter Compressor: The heart of this refrigerator is the Digital Inverter Compressor, known for its energy efficiency and quiet operation. It also allows for stabilizer-free operation, protecting from power fluctuations.

Fresh Max and More: The Fresh Max feature ensures that your fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. The base stand and removable anti-fungal door gasket make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The big bottle guard is perfect for storing large bottles or beverage containers.

Energy-Efficient: This refrigerator comes with a 2-star energy rating, which means it’s designed to save energy and reduce your electricity bills while keeping your food fresh.

In conclusion, the Samsung RR20C2Z226U/RR20C2Z226R Single Door Refrigerator offers a harmonious blend of style, efficiency, and dependability. Elevate your kitchen with


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