Rapoo Wired Optical Mouse & Keyboard Combo NX2000




Rapoo Wired Optical Mouse & Keyboard Combo NX2000

Full-Size Palm Rest

The keyboard features a large space for your palm to rest and be comfortable throughout extended work hours.

Multimedia Hot-Keys

With shortcuts for functions such as multimedia player, home, volume adjustments, and so on, multimedia hot-keys make it simple and convenient.

Spill-resistant keyboard design

Drinks are allowed on your desktop. The Rapoo NX2000 keyboard is protected against accidental splash damage so you can focus on your work with a piece of mind.

Laser carved keycaps

The laser carving technology used to print on the keycaps ensures extra durability of the lettering, so the keyboard can serve you for a long time.

Anti Oxidant Sealed Membrane

The anti-oxidant sealed membrane protects the internal circuit from oxidation and extends the life of the keyboard.

Led Lights

The keyboard contains led lights that show various key operations such as caps lock, num lock, and so on.


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