PSTech 750W 80+ Bronze Power Supply Unit




Upgrade your PC’s power supply with the PSTech 750W 80+ Bronze PSU – a powerhouse designed for efficiency and stability. Engineered to meet the demands of gamers, content creators, and professionals, this non-modular power supply unit ensures your system gets the power it needs, precisely when it’s needed.

Key Features:

🔌 750W of Raw Power: Delivering a robust 750W of power, this PSU is your ticket to running high-end components and power-hungry peripherals without a hitch.

🌟 80+ Bronze Efficiency: Save on energy bills and reduce heat output with the 80+ Bronze certification, ensuring high efficiency and minimal power wastage.

❄️ Cool and Quiet Operation: Keep your system cool and quiet, even under heavy loads, thanks to optimized cooling solutions that maintain the perfect temperature without excess noise.

🔧 Non-Modular Simplicity: Designed for straightforward installations, the non-modular design ensures easy setup without the hassle of managing excess cables, making it an ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and reliability.

Stable and Reliable: Built to last, this power supply unit provides stable power output, protecting your components from power fluctuations and ensuring consistent performance.

🔒 Advanced Protections: Equipped with overvoltage, undervoltage, and short circuit protections, your valuable hardware is safeguarded against unexpected electrical issues, adding an extra layer of security to your system.

Power Details:

Wattage: 750 Watts
Certification: 80+ Bronze
Modularity: Non-Modular
Efficiency: Up to 85%
Voltage: 100V – 240V
Cooling: 120mm Silent Fan
Connectors: 1 x 20+4-pin, 1 x 4+4-pin CPU, 4 x SATA, 3 x Molex, 1 x 6+2-pin PCIe
Dimensions: Standard ATX form factor
Protections: Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Short Circuit
Warranty: 1 Years Limited Warranty

Upgrade your PC’s heart with the PSTech 750W 80+ Bronze Power Supply Unit – your dependable companion for superior power delivery, efficiency, and peace of mind. Power up your passion, and elevate your computing experience with PSTech!


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