KS01 W-King Bluetooth Teacher Speaker With Microphone


W-King:KSO1 Hight Fidelity Vocie Amplifier Portable
Bluetooth Speaker (Black) Wireless Teaching Speaker
5W output power per USB,TF CARD,AUX Built-in 1500mAh battery Use Continuous work for 6-8 hours 100% genuine wking
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KS01 W-KING MICROPHONE FOR TEACHER WITH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER SET Description KS01 W-KING Microphone for Teachers Wireless Voice Amplifier Speaker with, Tour Guides, Trainers & Doctors WIRELESS VOICE AMPLIFIER FOR TEACHERS A combo of a portable amplifier with mic that can be connected wirelessly via UHF technology (better than Bluetooth Voice Amplifier) offers stable connection and better flexibility of movement in a classroom. CONVENIENT WAIST CLIP Tuck this Teachers Mike with Speaker to you


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