Fantech K210 Multimedia Usb Keyboard


Key Wired USB 2.0 PC Office Keyboard for PC Apple Mac Laptop
-114 key wired office keyboard, line length 1.5 meters
-ergonomic design, feel comfortable and durable multimedia button convenient and quick
-waterproof keyboard, the bottom with a drainage hole
-usb2.0 interface, plug and play, step in place
-Application: Desktop, Laptop
-Axis Body: Black Switch
-Color: Black
-Interface Type: USB
-Type: Wired
-Size :445*155mm


FANTECH K210 Multimedia Wired Office Keyboard

Fantech Multimedia Office Keyboard is one of the best products available in the market. This Fantech K210 Silent is an ideal multimedia working keyboard with multimedia keys. Also, This keyboard has a waterproof feature that saves you from accidental spills and pours. This Fantech K210 Silent has a USB 2.0 port that allows you to work on laptops and desktops individually and is also supported by Apple products. Especially, The ergonomic design gives you the feel of comfort and has durable multimedia buttons for easier access to your work. Besides, it supports over 70 million applications.

Ergonomic design

An ergonomic keyboard is a type of computer keyboard that is designed to decrease muscular strain, tiredness, and other problems. In addition, ergonomic keyboards for two-handed typists have a V shape that allows the hands to rest in a more natural position.

Multimedia keyboard

Multimedia keyboards make it easier to listen to music on your computer by providing keys that correspond to the operations of a normal CD player. They created the keyboard control in particular with music in mind, but it might be beneficial for other purposes as well.

Waterproof keyboard

Liquids can enter the system through tiny holes on the bottom of keyboards, quickly causing damage. Waterproof keyboards also eliminate spills, worry, and the resultant damage.


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