Cooler Master ERGOSTAND IV Notebook Cooling Pad




Cooler Master ERGOSTAND IV Notebook Cooling Pad combines advanced cooling performance with ergonomic design to enhance your laptop usage experience. It features a large, high-performance 140mm fan that delivers powerful airflow to effectively dissipate heat and prevent your laptop from overheating, ensuring optimal performance during intensive tasks such as gaming or multimedia editing. The cooling pad’s metal mesh surface further enhances airflow and provides a stable platform for laptops up to 17 inches.

One of the standout features of the ERGOSTAND IV is its adjustable stand, which offers five different height settings. This flexibility allows users to find the most comfortable typing and viewing angles, reducing strain on the wrists and neck during extended use. Additionally, the cooling pad includes built-in cable management to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. With its combination of efficient cooling, ergonomic comfort, and thoughtful design, it is an ideal accessory for anyone looking to improve their laptop’s cooling and overall usability.

Specification of Cooler Master ERGOSTAND IV Notebook Cooling Pad

Product name Ergostand IV Fan air flow 46.8 CFM
Model R9-NBS-E42K-GP Fan air pressure 1.24 mmH2O
Color Black Fan noise 29 dBA
Material Metal mesh, plastic, rubber Power USB 5V DC
Strip LED Blue USB USB 2.0 x 4, Mini x 1, Micro x 1
Dimension 370 x 265 x 40 mm Current consumption 0.20 A
Fan dimension 140 x 140 x 15 mm Power consumption 1.0 W
Fan speed 700~1400 ± 200 RPM Compatibility Support up to 17″ laptop

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