AstaWolf BOLT Charging Adapters


Bolt Charging Adapter – your double-speed charging solution. With dual ports and super-fast charging capabilities, power up multiple devices simultaneously with ease. Now, you can charge both ports at the same time, doubling your efficiency. Sleek and functional design makes it the perfect addition to your charging arsenal.



Power 38 W
Current 3.1A max
No. of ports 2
No. of pins 2
Pin size 4.8 OD
Pin type Round
Charging life 3000 hours
Port type USB A+C
Color White
CE FCC certified Yes
Passes various certification Yes
Over current and over voltage
Built-in smart chip for protecting
device battery
Rust resistance Yes
Dust resistance Yes
Anti flamable material Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Soft and delicate texture Yes
Support multiple protocol No
Super fast charging Yes
Multiple protection for batteries Yes
All device compatible Yes
Auto power cut after full charge Yes
High current conversion efficiecy Yes
Smart power distribution Yes
Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Yes
Surge and overload protection Yes

Parameter Output
USB A : 5V/3A
USB A : 9V/2A
USB A : 12V/1.5A
USB C : 5V/3A

USB C : 9V/2.22A
USB C : 12V/1.67A
USBA-18W / USBC-20W max

Box Content:
1 charging adaptor


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