ALSEYE H240 CPU Cooler RGB Fan Water Cooling 120mm PWM Fan



ALSEYE H240 CPU Cooler: Efficient Water Cooling for Superior Performance

Discover the ALSEYE H240 1.0 cooling system, designed to enhance your processor’s performance with advanced water cooling technology. This CPU cooler boasts a range of features to elevate your cooling experience.

Key Features:

  1. Jet-Type Water-Cooled Internal Structure Design: The ALSEYE H240 features a jet-type water-cooled internal structure design, ensuring efficient heat dissipation for optimal processor performance.
  2. Powerful Hydrodynamic Fans: Equipped with powerful fans featuring well-designed blades in hydrodynamics, this cooler delivers effective and quiet cooling performance.
  3. FEP Durable Tube: The cooler is built with a durable FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) tube, ensuring longevity and reliability in water circulation.
  4. E-Shaped Loo Structure Design: The E-shaped loo structure design enhances the water cooling process, providing efficient heat transfer for consistent performance.


Specification Details
Socket LGA775, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1200, LGA1366, LGA2011, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2
Material Aluminium, Copper
Fan Diameter 120 mm
Rotation Speed 800 – 1800 rpm
Noise Level 25 – 32 dB
Connector 4 pin
Air Flow 70 CFM
Supply Voltage 12 V
Backlight Yes
Pump Material Copper + Engineering Plastic
Pump Speed 2400±10% RPM
Pump Voltage 12V
Pump Bearing Copper Bearing
Pump Dimensions 6.9 x 4.6 x 6.9 cm
Radiator Dimensions 15.4 x 2.7 x 12 cm


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