Samsung WW81K54E0WW Front Loading EcoBubble Washing Machine




Sleek White Design

The washer features a modern white design that complements any contemporary laundry space. Its minimalist appearance adds a touch of elegance to your home.


Energy Efficiency Redefined

With a 5-star energy rating, the Samsung Front Loading Eco Bubble Washer is a testament to energy efficiency. Operating at 230V/50Hz with power consumption ranging from 2000 to 2400 watts, it ensures powerful performance while conserving energy.


Bubble Technology for Superior Cleaning

Samsung’s innovative Bubble Technology transforms detergent into powerful bubbles, ensuring deep and thorough cleaning of your clothes. The Bubble Soak feature helps remove stubborn stains effectively.


Customizable Wash Cycles

Choose from various wash cycles to suit your laundry needs. Options include e Cotton, Cotton, Daily Wash, Dark Garment, Delicates, Eco Drum Clean, Pre-Wash, Intensive, Spin, Rinse + Spin, Synthetics, Super Eco Wash, Wool, and a quick 15-minute wash for when you’re in a hurry.


Convenient Add Wash Feature

The Add Wash feature allows you to add missed items even after the cycle has started, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.


Fault Check Indicator

Stay informed about your washer’s status with the Fault Check Indicator, which provides valuable information if an issue arises.


Voltage Control for Safety

The washer comes equipped with Voltage Control, ensuring safe operation within a voltage range of 165V to 400V, protecting the appliance from voltage fluctuations.


Child Lock for Safety

Keep your little ones safe with the Child Lock feature, which prevents accidental interruptions to the washing cycle.


Delay End for Flexibility

The Delay End feature allows you to preset the start time of your wash cycle, ranging from 3 hours to 19 hours, providing flexibility to fit your schedule.


Diamond Drum for Gentle Care

The Diamond Drum’s unique design prevents fabric damage during washing, ensuring your clothes remain in excellent condition.


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