Samsung WD80T604DBX Front Loading AI Control Washing Machine




Sleek Inox Design

The appliance boasts a sleek Inox (stainless steel) body that adds elegance to your laundry room and ensures durability for years. The AI Control Panel Display is intuitive and easy to navigate, making laundry a breeze.


Energy Efficiency at Its Best

With a commitment to energy efficiency, this combo operates at 230V/50Hz and consumes between 2000 and 2400 watts of power, making it eco-friendly.


AI Control for Smart Laundry

The AI Control feature elevates your laundry experience to a new level. Connect your smartphone to the appliance via SmartThings Connectivity and control it remotely. Start or pause cycles, receive notifications, and customize your wash and dry settings—all at your fingertips.


Versatile Washing and Drying Options

This combo offers a wide range of washing and drying cycles to suit every laundry need. From Active Wear to Cotton, Delicates to Towels, and even a Hygiene Steam cycle for that extra level of cleanliness—there’s a cycle for everything.


Air Wash with Bubble Soak Technology

The Air Wash feature refreshes and sanitizes your clothes without water or detergent, ensuring your garments always smell fresh. The Bubble Soak function helps remove stubborn stains effectively.


Fault Check Indicator

Stay informed about the status of your appliance with the Fault Check Indicator. It provides valuable information if an issue arises.


Ceramic Heater for Efficiency

The ceramic heater ensures quick and efficient heating while preventing calcium build-up, thus extending the life of your appliance.


Drum Clean+ for Hygiene

The Drum Clean+ cycle keeps your washing drum clean and hygienic, preventing the build-up of mold and bacteria.


Super Speed and Time Dry

Get your laundry done quickly with the Super Speed cycle. For added convenience, the Time Dry option allows you to customize drying times according to your schedule.


Voltage Control for Safety

The combo features Voltage Control, ensuring safe operation within a voltage range of 165V to 400V, safeguarding the appliance from voltage fluctuations.


Child Lock for Safety

Keep curious little ones safe with the Child Lock feature, preventing accidental interruptions to your laundry cycle.


Delay End for Convenience

The Delay End feature lets you preset the start time of your laundry cycle, ranging from 3 to 19 hours, so your laundry is ready when you are.


Diamond Drum for Gentle Care

The Diamond Drum’s unique design prevents fabric damage during washing and drying, ensuring your clothes remain in excellent condition.


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