Team Group Vulcan DDR5 Desktop RAM 6000MHz 32GB (16GB X 2)




Team Group Vulcan DDR5 Desktop RAM 6000MHz 32GB (16GB X 2) is a high-performance memory module designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of your desktop computer. Here’s a description of its key features:

  1. DDR5 Technology: This RAM module utilizes the latest DDR5 technology, offering significant improvements in data transfer rates, bandwidth, and power efficiency compared to previous generations.
  2. High Speed: With a clock speed of 6000MHz, this RAM module provides blazing-fast performance, allowing for smoother multitasking, faster application loading times, and improved overall system responsiveness.
  3. Dual-Channel Configuration: The kit includes two 16GB modules, totaling 32GB of memory, arranged in a dual-channel configuration. This setup optimizes memory bandwidth and performance, particularly in systems that support dual-channel memory architecture.
  4. Enhanced Cooling: The Team Group Vulcan DDR5 RAM modules often feature an advanced heat spreader design to help dissipate heat effectively, ensuring stable performance even during extended gaming sessions or intensive workloads.
  5. XMP Support: This RAM module may support XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) technology, allowing for easy overclocking and optimization of memory settings for enhanced performance. However, compatibility may vary depending on the motherboard and BIOS support.
  6. Compatibility: Designed for desktop computers, this RAM module is compatible with motherboards that support DDR5 memory technology. It’s essential to ensure that your motherboard is compatible with DDR5 RAM before purchasing.
  7. Warranty: The Team Group Vulcan DDR5 Desktop RAM typically comes with a limited warranty, providing peace of mind and support in case of any issues.

Overall, the Team Group Vulcan DDR5 Desktop RAM 6000MHz 32GB (16GB X 2) is an excellent choice for users seeking top-of-the-line performance and reliability for their gaming rigs, workstations, or other high-performance desktop systems.


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