Samsung RT49K6338BS Top Freezer with Twin Cooling Plus




Elegant Black Inox Design: The first thing you’ll notice about this refrigerator is its striking black inox color and the sleek bar door handle. It adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to your kitchen, making it a standout appliance.


Generous Storage Space: With a capacity of 478 liters gross and 453 liters net, this refrigerator offers ample space for all your groceries, fresh produce, and beverages. It has four shelves, including an easy slide shelf, tempered glass shelves, a spacious veg box, and five-door pockets for convenient organization. The egg tray keeps your eggs safe and accessible.


Frost-Free Cooling with Multi-Flow and Twin Cooling Plus: Say goodbye to manual defrosting. The frost-free cooling system ensures that ice build-up is a thing of the past. The multi-flow feature ensures even cooling from corner to corner, keeping your food fresher for longer. With Twin Cooling Plus, your fridge and freezer have separate cooling systems, preventing odors from mixing and maintaining optimal humidity levels.


Twisted Ice Maker: Enjoy the convenience of an in-built twisted ice maker. Whether you’re preparing chilled beverages or need ice for a party, this feature has you covered.


Digital Inverter Compressor: The heart of this refrigerator is its digital inverter compressor, which adjusts its speed according to cooling demands. This results in energy savings, reduced noise levels, and longer-lasting performance


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