Samsung RR20C2722CU/R Single Door Refrigerator




Stylish and Unique Design: The refrigerator boasts a sleek bar door handle, enhancing its modern appeal. The Camellia Purple color with knob display and control adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen and allows you to manage the temperature settings effortlessly.


Ample Storage Capacity: With a generous gross capacity of 192 liters and a net capacity of 180 liters, this refrigerator provides enough space to keep your groceries organized and accessible. Whether you’re a solo dweller or part of a bustling family, you’ll appreciate the convenience of this refrigerator.


Direct Cooling for Optimal Freshness: The direct cooling system ensures that food items are cooled evenly and quickly. Say goodbye to concerns about food spoilage due to uneven cooling.


Intelligent Interior Design: Inside the refrigerator, you’ll find two durable glass shelves, perfect for organizing food items. The vegetable box keeps your fruits and veggies crisp, while the five-door pockets provide extra storage for beverages, sauces, and condiments. The egg tray keeps your eggs safe, and the fresh room is designed for items that require a slightly lower temperature. The interior LED light illuminates the contents, making it easy to find what you need.


Convenient Freezer Compartment: The freezer features a tray ice maker, so you can have ice on hand whenever needed. Keep your frozen goods in excellent condition with this well-designed freezer.


Secure and Durable: The lock and key feature ensures that your refrigerator remains secure, especially if you have curious little ones at home. The cyclopentane insulation contributes to energy efficiency, helping you save on electricity bills.


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