Samsung RR19T25CA6U/6R Single Door Refrigerator




Spacious 183-Liter Net Capacity: Despite its compact size, this refrigerator offers a generous 183 liters of net capacity, providing ample space for groceries, fresh produce, and beverages. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized families or as a secondary refrigerator.


Direct Cool Technology: The Direct Cool technology in this refrigerator ensures efficient and uniform cooling, keeping your food fresher for longer. It’s a reliable and low-maintenance cooling system that’s perfect for your everyday needs.


Smart Connect Inverter: Samsung’s Smart Connect Inverter ensures uninterrupted cooling, even during power fluctuations. It’s a reliable and energy-efficient solution that keeps your food fresh and your energy bills in check.


Stabilizer-Free Operation: Say goodbye to external stabilizers. This refrigerator is designed to operate seamlessly within a wide voltage range of 100V to 300V, protecting it from voltage fluctuations and ensuring its longevity.


Solar Compatible: Do your bit for the environment and save on energy costs with the solar compatibility feature. This refrigerator can be powered by solar panels, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home.


Tempered Glass Shelf: The toughened glass shelf in the main compartment is durable and easy to clean. It can safely hold heavy pots and containers, offering a reliable and stable storage solution.


Fresh Room: The dedicated Fresh Room is designed to keep perishable items fresher for longer. It maintains an optimal temperature for storing fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, ensuring they stay as fresh as the day you bought them.


Tray Ice Maker: Enjoy the convenience of having ice at your fingertips with the built-in tray ice maker. Whether you’re hosting a party or need ice for your beverages, this feature has you covered.


Energy-Efficient Design: This refrigerator is designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save on electricity bills.


1-Star Energy Rating: With a 1-star energy rating, this refrigerator is an energy-efficient appliance that keeps your energy costs in check.


Sleek Bar Door Handle: The stylish bar door handle adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen and provides a comfortable grip for effortless door opening.


Mystic Overlay Blue Color: The refrigerator’s Mystic Overlay Blue color is a statement piece in any kitchen. It adds a pop of color and style to your space, making your kitchen a focal point.


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