Redragon K592-PRO Amsa Pro Mechanical Gaming RGB Wired Keyboard


Key Switches: V-Optical Blue Switches
USB Connector: USB 2.0
Keyboard Connectivity: Wired
Matrix: 104 Keys (Full Rollover)
Height Adjustable: Yes



Redragon K592-PRO Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Got You All Covered!!!

We Got V-Optical mechanical Switches as The Forerunner
Equipped with Redragon latest unique V-optical blue switches, make you 10 times stronger and faster than your opponents, we might not able to help with your skills but we can make your hardware support better.

We Got Solid Construction as The Medic
No matter how harder or frequenter you click or how bad the typing situation is, 100 million times the keystroke lifespan with 0 abrasion will make it healed as new.

We Got N-key Rollover as The Shielder
The basic typing support with no conflict and lag for ensuring all your flamboyant and complex gaming skills, expand your possibilities to maximum.

We Got Vivid RGB Backlight
18 RGB lighting modes are controllable from the keyboard. One new feature on the K592 keyboard is the addition of RGB lighting zones on the lower left and right sides. These new lighting zones are separate from the main key RGB lighting. There are fewer modes but they are quite adequate.


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