HUAWEI MateView 4K+Real Colour Wireless Monitor




  1. Wireless·Real Colour Monitor is a monitor that supports wireless projection and real colour display. In wired connection scenarios, real colour is accurately restored via 98% DCI-P3 colour gamut and ΔE<2 colour accuracy.
  2. Resolution of 4K+ is 3840 x 2560. Resolution of standard 4K is 3840 x 2160.
  3. Only available on the wireless version model (HSN-CBA).
  4. Data from Huawei labs. Calculated by comparing the viewable area of the screen to the viewable area of the screen plus bezels. Actual screen-to-body ratio may vary.
  5. Typical value, covering 100% of sRGB colour gamut. The colour gamut settings can be changed in the monitor settings menu.
  6. ΔE<2 indicates the average color standard value in the DCI-P3 color gamut, and ΔE<1 indicates the average color standard value in the sRGB color gamut. Data from Huawei labs. The color level may vary depending on screen usage duration and testing methods.
  7. Actual display effect is 1.07 billion colours.
  8. Typical value.
  9. Data from Huawei Labs. Results obtained by comparing 4K+ resolution with 4K resolution pixel data.
  10. HUAWEI MateView has received TÜV Rheinland Low Bluelight and Flicker Free certification. Low Blue Light Certification Test Conditions: when Eye Comfort mode is enabled, the display effect has passed the TÜV Rheinland low blue light tests This product is not for medical use. The blue light source has different energy reduction amplitudes with different wavelengths. Please refer to the actual use effect.
  11. The screen has DC dimming mode with no screen flicker.
  12. Only supported by certain Huawei mobile phones that have NFC function and run EMUI 10.0 (or above). For further help, please contact customer service. To achieve screen projection, Huawei mobile phones need to make contact with the Huawei Share sensor area on the MateView base.
  13. Only some Huawei mobile phones and mobile apps in certain regions support this function. If you have any questions about using this function, usage restrictions, supported models, etc. before or after purchase, please consult with your local Huawei customer service center.
  14. Only supported by certain applications.
  15. Only available on the wireless version model (HSN-CBA). Can be used with phones, tablets, laptops and other devices that support wireless projection capabilities. For specific details, please check the product service website. For further help, please contact Huawei customer service.
  16. Wireless projection of laptops must support the Miracast wireless projection protocol.
  17. Resolution of the video projection screen depends on the resolution of the input source.
  18. Supports one-cable connection. The USB-C host to be connected supports display (DP Alt Mode), PD charging protocol, and data transmission (USB protocol). Huawei laptops support USB-C wired connections: MateBook X Pro series, MateBook 14 series, MateBook X 2020 or above, MateBook 13 2020 or above, and MateBook 16. For details, please contact HUAWEI customer service.
  19. 65 W is the maximum external charging power. The external charging power may be reduced due to the environmental temperature in the usage scenario. Actual external charging power is subject to the charging capacity of the connected USB-C device.
  20. Can only be used for switching between a device connected to the USB-C interface and a device connected via the wireless input source. When display input is swtiched, mouse control and keyboard control are switched simulataneously to the new input. The MateView mouse and keyboard cannot be used to control wirelessly connected laptops.


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