Fantech Hive UX2 Gaming Mouse


•PixArt 3360 Gaming Sensor (12,000 DPI)
•Six Macro Programmable Buttons
•50 Million Clicks
•Illumination: 7 Spectrum RGB Illumination
•Speed/Acceleration: 250ips/50g
•Lightweight Design 74gr
•Paracord USB Cable



Fantech Hive Wired Gaming Mouse

Fantech UX2 Hive RGB Wired Gaming Mouse is one of the best products available in the market. The Fantech is an innovator of Gaming Gear and Lifestyle Products. Features:

6D Macro Function Performance

For your macro assignment, they built it with six programmable buttons. Its program allows us to save up to three profiles and supports left-click script and delay editing.

DPI Indicator

They can set the dedicated DPI indicator to any value using hive UX2 software. So, you always know your value.

Ergonomically designed:

This Fantech UX2 Hive RGB Wired Gaming Mouse fits the human body. It permits you to maintain a natural position for your hands, elbows, wrists, and arms. They make some to resemble the hand in a weightless environment and have a classic shape. Also, You can use a handshake grip with a vertical mouse.


They gave it a lifetime of 50 million clicks to ensure that it can withstand even the harshest of conditions while remaining fast and hyper-responsive.

7 RGB Color Mode

A seven-color RGB option is available on the Fantech Hive UX2. You may also alter the RGB colors to enhance your gaming experience.

74 Gram Light Weight Design

With the lightweight gaming mousing that weighs only 74 grams, you may enjoy quicker and smoother control. It accomplishes its weight without sacrificing the ambidextrous form factor’s construction strength.


It is light, so it feels it is not even there.

Strength and Comfort

During games, we barely notice the holes, but they allow airflow to keep your palms cool and fresh. Cleaning the mouse is also simple because any air canister can keep it as good as new.


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