Fantech Cruiser WG11 Wireless 2.4GHZ Pro-Gaming Mouse


  • PixArt Gaming Optical Sensor
  • On-the-fly Adjustable DPI 800-2,400DPI
  • Huang 3.000.000 Clicks Lifetime
  • Wireless distance: 10M
  • Ergonomic Both Handed Design


No need for cables

The Fantech Cruiser WG11 Gaming Mouse uses 2.4GHz transmission technology to ensure a secure, accurate, and long-range connection of up to 10 meters. The reaction is almost quick. The data transmission speed between the mouse and the computer represent by the response rate; a greater rate of response in games competitions can improve mouse performance by allowing the mouse to have zero delays and no jump during intense gaming, which is more realistic for gamers.

On-The-Fly DPI Switch

With DPI toggling from 800-1600-2400DPI, you’ll be ready in a flash to make the best movements in every gaming circumstance. Shift between several DPI settings to easily pick on-screen choices or scan the game map up to 2400DPI, or downscale to create a pixel. Sniper aiming or unit selection (800DPI) with easily accessible controls.

Six Buttons

Macro editing is possible with the Fantech Cruiser WG11 Gaming Mouse. Installing driver software allows you to customize six buttons, making the mouse more intelligent and supporting additional needs for different games. In the MMO RPG, it makes you more convenient and remarkable. Please check out the manual or box before downloading the driver from our website.

Super Comfort & Quality

With a comfortable design, rubber side handles 62g optional weight and 6 programmable buttons for a personalized gaming experience. So, this controller combines comfort, durability, and performance.

Less Noise More Focus

Stay focused on your job without any distractions from background noise. At 1m clicking noises, lift click dba is measured by or independent tab. All while assuring the mouse’s optimal performance. That is to say, you may feel everything yet hear almost nothing.


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