Astrum Keyboard KB170 | Wired USB | Spill Resistant




  • Product : Astrum KB170 Wired USB Keyboard
  • Slim design which occupies limited space on your desktop while giving the benefit of productivity throughout your work hours.
  • Qwerty key layout with 104 keys engraved in bold and bright white UV characters.
  • Durable keys with an average life span of 5 million key-strokes for a long lasting work time.
  • Sturdy tilt legs are helpful for adjusting the height of the keyboard and its postion keeping your hands in a comfortable and natural postion while typing so there is no chance of discomfort even after a long work session.
  • No need to worry about spilt coffee or tea as this best keyboard is spill resistant and helps in drain out any accidental spill of liquids whether hot or cold while working on your desktop.
  • Plug-in into the USB port of your computer or latop and start your day with this soft touch slient-keys keyboard. It is also multi OS compatble supporting Windows, chrome OS and linux operating systems.


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